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The best way to manage your redundancy

5 Ways to successfully navigate redundancy

Change is something we can find challenging. So being made redundant, or deciding whether to take voluntary redundancy can be an emotional and difficult time. This guide will help you understand your entitlements and approach redundancy with a level head.

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Understanding your redundancy and what will happen to your super

Whether you plan to look for a new job, take a break from work or retire after redundancy, it’s important to understand your entitlements and how they are taxed.

Protecting your emotional wellbeing

It’s natural to jump to the question of money. But it’s equally important to think about your emotional wellbeing.

Taking a look at your finances

Whatever your plans, it’s a good time to assess your financial position. Use this step by step worksheet to help you understand how much of a buffer you currently have.

Turning redundancy into early retirement

Can you afford to retire early? The answer really depends on the type of lifestyle you want to achieve once you leave full time work.

In this guide we’ll give you the information and tools to help you with:

Redundancy can create a lot of financial pressure. In our experience, it’s normal to feel worried and uncertain. This guide can help you approach redundancy with a level head and a clear plan.

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